Taking action on Indian Myna birds

Indian Myna birds are an introduced pest and are common in Crace. Not-for-profit community group The Canberra Indian Myna Action Group (or CIMAG) is urging Crace residents to get involved in its backyard trapping program, in an effort to control the numbers of Indian Mynas across Canberra.
"The Indian Myna bird kills native birds and takes over their nesting hollows.  It is also a major urban nuisance because of its raucous calls, and fouling of backyards and outdoor eating areas,” said local resident Fleur Leary.
“As I walk around Crace there are lovely native birds such as red rump parrots, crimson rosellas, eastern rosellas, willy wagtails and so on – we don’t want them to disappear from Crace because they are overrun by Indian mynas!”
The Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc (CIMAG) has established a very effective backyard program that has significantly reduced Indian Myna numbers across the ACT. 
Last year the group won the 2013 National Environmental Protection Award by Keep Australia Beautiful.  
To find out more about CIMAG, visit their website www.indianmynaaction.org.au
To get involved in the backyard trapping program, please contact the President of CIMAG Bill Handke, on 02) 6231 7461.  

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