Stargazing on the Hilltop

What a beautiful evening!  The sky was crystal clear, the air was still, and the soup was hot.  On behalf of the Crace Community, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Canberra Astronomical Society.
An incredible 251 people RSVP’d on Facebook, with a further 1,100 registering interest.  On the night, the Canberra Astronomical Society estimated we saw about 500-600 people!  Next time we can try and arrange more telescopes and a megaphone, to keep the queues shorter, and be able to talk to the whole crowd.
Half a dozen telescopes were set up and people moved from one to the next to check out planets, nebula, constellations, and even the very thin crescent moon before it dropped out of sight.  Jupiter, Mars and Saturn were all visible, and seeing the rings of Saturn clearly defined was a highlight for my daughter.
The Jewel Box open star cluster was a hit, and the Milky Way’s largest globular cluster, Omega Centauri, was also impressive.  The astronomers were all a delight, and willing to share their extensive knowledge with all who would listen.
If you missed out, the Canberra Astronomical Society are hosting a public stargazing evening at the ANU on Friday 19th August.  Specific details will be published here and on Facebook as soon as they are available.
Thank you to our Crace Community Association volunteers Alan, Maudie, Bill and Gerry for collecting donations on behalf of the astronomers, and for selling our fundraising glow bracelets.  Thank you also to The District for putting on takeaway soup on a cold night, and to ShotClock Espresso for the hot chocolate.

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