Stakeholder information

Event Details

Event: Crace Christmas Carnival
Venue: Crace Recreation Park
Date: Saturday 1st December 2018
Time: 4:00pm – 8:30pm
Site map: Google Maps



  • Site access is available
  • Vehicles can be driven on site to set up a stall
  • Vehicles must leave the site by 3:30pm, unless it forms part of the stall (eg: Ice Cream Van)


  • Opening attraction (eg: fire department, Kenny Koala, school bands)


  • Market stalls
  • Food stalls
  • Face painting
  • Live music
  • Rides (jumping castles, teacup ride, giant slide)
  • Family picnic
  • A visit from Santa


  • Christmas Carols
  • Stallholders may begin to pack up as long as it does not interfere with the Carols
  • Amusement rides should lower volume of music if it is interfering with Carols, but may continue to operate

Stallholder notes

  • Our public liability insurance DOES NOT cover stallholders. If you can not provide a certificate of currency along with your stall booking, please discuss this with us ASAP.
  • Food vendors require appropriate food licensing.
  • You will need your own shelter (eg: marquee) and table(s).
  • Stall spaces are 3m x 3m (there is some flexibility, please get in touch if you need more space).
  • Stalls (including for food vendors) are NOT powered.


We will watch the extended weather forecasts as the event approaches and will advise stakeholders of any changes that arise.  If the event is cancelled, refunds will be available.

Event planning

Stage Progress
Permits granted Approved
Arrange extra mowing Complete
Arrange extra bins Complete
Amusement rides Confirmed
Live music including carols Confirmed
Stage hire Confirmed
Mrs Santa Confirmed
Children’s Entertainment Confirmed
Face Painting Confirmed
Sitemap Complete
Advertising Corflutes on display
Stallholder list Stalls confirmed (not too late to join in)
Food vendors Vendors confirmed
Book generator and lights for stage Confirmed
On-the-day logistics and volunteers Confirmed