Crime Statistics

Below are charts based on ACT Policing Crime Statistics. The first two charts are the current and previous quarters crime statistics for Crace, Palmerston (being a near neighbour), and Forde (being a comparable suburb).  Note that the scales are different in these charts – still working on fixing that!

The remaining charts show trends in Crace for the various categories of crime, as well as total crime.  The trends indicate that while overall incidents of crime have gradually increased, specific types of crime go through peaks and troughs rather than trend up or down.  Note that the population in Crace in this time has increased, so the gradual increase in total crime may be partially attributed to that.

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Click/tap on titles in the legend to highlight columns or lines.

Note: 2015 4th qtr theft value is 91, though has been reduced to 25 to better represent all other curves.