Money makes the world go round

Did you know that the Crace Community Association is not-for-profit and run entirely by volunteers?
At our recent charity morning tea, some were surprised to hear we no longer had the financial backing of CIC Australia (developers of Crace) and were interested in how we managed to do what we do.  It comes down to three main sources of income – Government grants, direct fundraising, and support from businesses within the Crace community – not that we would turn down support from beyond Crace.
Have you seen our colourful road-side blackboards?  What about our pop-up banners at an event?  Our physical advertising was the result of an ACT Government community grant, as well as a small contribution from our association.  We thank the ACT Government for this support – without this grant, we would be much less visible in the community.
Some of our events lend themselves to fund raising.  Our trivia nights are a fun community event, but thanks to the generosity of The District and our guests, we manage to feed everyone, cover costs and a few prizes, advertise the evenings, and raise some funds.
We have also managed to book a Bunnings sausage sizzle for this weekend – if you need to get to Bunnings, head down this Sunday and grab a sausage sandwich!  If you have an hour or two free and would like to offer some help, we would gladly welcome it.
Lastly, our business sponsors.  We are very fortunate to receive direct financial support from two local business’ – The District, and Madeline of LJ Hooker.  We are very grateful for their support.
What do we need money for anyway?
To simply exist for 12 months, we have to pay for insurance, government fees, annual audits and returns.  That comes to about $2,000.  Next, our flagship event is Christmas in the park.  Last year this cost us about another $2,000.  We like to letterbox drop newsletters 3-4 times per year, and while we have an army of volunteer walkers to do the delivery, printing isn’t free.  Even cutting corners on print quality, this can still easily cost $1,000 for the year.
That’s already $5,000 per year and all we have done is Christmas and newsletters.  On top of that, we like to:
Host a charity morning tea, where all proceeds go to Cancer Council,Put on an Easter event, like this year’s Easter Egg hunt attracting ~70 hunter and covered by WIN news,A handful of trivia nightsOrganise Halloween festivitiesProvide free or cheap face painting or kids craft at our eventsOrganise casual social groups throughout the year
If you would like to be added to our volunteer mailing list, please subscribe.  There is no obligation to ever lift a finger, but if you want to be kept in the loop, we appreciate it.
You can also subscribe to our wider distribution mailing list to be kept up to date from a participant point of view here.
Lastly, please feel free to attend our bi-monthly public meetings, or join one of our regular social groups.

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